sabato 17 agosto 2013

Wind and Water

Regia: Jampa Ludrup
Produzione: Alpine Style Pruductions
Co-produzione: Aplysia
Durata: 26 minuti x 12
Anno: 2015

Buddhist monk and Feng Shui expert, Jampa Ludrup, visits famous buildings around the world and investigates the Feng Shui of each space. The series takes in stunning locations including Florence, London, Singapore, India and Los Angeles. In two series of six episodes each, he gives extremely practical advice showing how you can transform your life using Feng Shui techniques. Each programme concentrates on a particular aspect of your fortunes using the energy of a particular location as a direct example - New York City for Career, Sydney for Children, Paris for Relationships, Monaco for Wealth, and so on. Episodes have a specific historical and cultural flavour. In this way he shows how Feng Shui is completely relevant to Westerners in a very practical and down-to-earth way. 

Landscape - Florence 
The first episode in this landmark series gives a general introduction to Feng Shui. The causes and conditions of happiness are explained. There is a historical perspective of buildings with particular regard to the extreme protection used in the houses of the Medici of Florence as an example of bad Feng Shui. Auspicious landforms are shown, especially the 'Armchair' configuration of hills found in Monaco. The importance of good landscaping is explained. Finally, the Feng Shui reasons for the excellent state of preservation of Florence are revealed. 

Missing Corners - Versailles
This episode is exclusively located in the amazing Palace of Versailles. It focuses on the shape of the land and building. The concept of the 'Lo Shu' square and missing corners is explained using the Palace of Versailles as an example. The gardens of Versailles are investigated. The Feng Shui reasons for the virtual extinction of the French nobility are revealed. 
Good and Bad Directions - Copenhagen
The location for episode 3 is Copenhagen. Here, we turn our attention more to the interior of buildings. The importance of balancing Yin and Yang energy is explained. Hamlet's Castle of Elsinore is visited and the effect it had on William Shakespeare is revealed. The very important concept of good and bad personal directions, and the method of determining those directions is explained. Then instructions are given for the best arrangement of bedrooms with particular regard to bed directions and positions. 

Relationships - Paris
In episode 4 we concentrate one of the eight types of luck that can be enhanced using Feng Shui techniques, starting with Relationships. Naturally, the location for this episode is the romantic city of Paris. The Feng Shui of the Louvre Palace is explained, including the modern addition of the glass pyramid at its heart. The importance of the south west of the house for relationships, romance and the woman of the house is revealed. The placement of the Earth element - crystals and stones is explained with examples from people's homes. The 'Cycles of the Elements' are introduced. Romantic symbolism is discussed. 

Health - Munich
The next episode is located in Germany. It is concerned with health and the best Feng Shui methods to enhance it. We look at life in one of the healthiest cities in the world - Munich in Bavaria. We visit the biggest spa in Europe. We look at the importance of the east of the house and the 'big wood' element represented by plants and wooden furniture. Also, the importance of water and dowsing techniques are revealed. 

Wealth - Monaco
Perhaps the most important aspect of most people's lives is the acquisition and maintenance of wealth, especially when they are young, but, of course, it is not the key to happiness. In the last episode we visit the richest and most glamorous place in the world - Monaco to investigate this crucial aspect of Feng Shui. The importance of the south east of the house and the placement of fountains, flowers and plants is explained. True happiness comes from a well-balanced home and a well-balanced mind. The series concludes with a review of 'Golden Rules' that have been given in each of the programmes. The successful application of these Feng Shui rules will give you the best possible conditions for true happiness. Then you can work on your mind to produce the best causes.