giovedì 25 febbraio 2021


What is time?


A film by Sandro Bocci

Produced by Julia Set Lab, Aplysia, Dugong Films

Original Music by Vincenzo Core with Lili Refrain

Concept by Sandro Bocci, Sara Tassotti

Art Director Maurizio Morganti

Editor Emanuela Rossi

Colorist Giuseppe Petruzzellis

Graphic Design Davide Perilli

Re-recording mixer Giancarlo Rutigliano

Voice Over Don DeLillo

Running time: 65 min.

Country of Origin: Italy

Year: 2021

Running Time: 65 min.

Format: DCP - 5.1


Àpeiron is a a meditation on time, a concept hard to define with words which elude casual investigation about its very nature. In a progression of visual speculations the viewer experiences the unfolding of time from outside time, a place of the undefined.

Àpeiron is a visual storytelling of handcrafted footage, microscopy, astrophotography, naturalistic sequences and subjective points of view. The infinite dimensions on the topic of time find a convergence within the imagery of poetic language. The sequences don’t bound the viewer to a linear narration. Instead it leaves space to a plentiful of interpretations resulting from a collage of memories, experiences and abstractions.


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