domenica 30 marzo 2014

SINAI - Un autre pas sur la Terre

West Venice, East Constantinople. The tale of a man living at the periphery of the empire, on the Croatian archipelago. A decision is to be made, on our imaginary roundabout in the middle of nowhere. The village of Velo Grablje with its five last inhabitants, in a region at the end of a global Europe. There is also a female voice, standing as the Delphi's oracle. A woman born in Morocco who decided to live on this island of Hvar. If a man exists or not, this is our quest. Maybe the quest for a man to be found, or just a story representing him. War, death, and the heritage of socialism, through the relationship between Ivana, one generation ahead of his uncle, born Sinai Zaninovic.

written and directed by Alberto Gemmi and Enrico Masi
a Caucaso film produced by Stefano Migliore
with Sinai and Ivana Zaninovic

Sinai - un autre pas sur la terre